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OH Food is one of the best options for your own party or gathering.
OH Food是您舉辦個人宴會或聚餐的最佳選擇。

In OH Food we provide the food items you like to have for your own party or gathering.

Our restaurant can take up to thirty seats and we can offer open buffet with the number of items you wish to have, or with different dishes and items to be served on the tables during your gathering. We also can arrange special items such as cakes for different occasions and special arrangements for special occasions, and we can do special decoration for your party.

Our whole place including the services and food could be reserved for your meetings or gatherings during lunch with the minimum charge of three thousand HKD and for your dinner party with minimum charge of five thousand HKD.

Leave the arrangements on us and you enjoy your gathering.

We also have special service for outside catering.
Contact us for more details. 2529 3999 or
詳情請洽2529 3999 或

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